Get current db2 database size

Today I needed to get database size for one of my databases. I find a partial solution here. My first choice was this stored procedure, which needs to be called from command line:

Check log files with grep

I sometime need to check some logs and I do this with this command: egrep -o "p1|p2|...|pn" filename | sort | uniq -c Example: egrep -o "success|error|fail" test_file | sort | uniq -c Sample input: test started at 00:00 test delete fail test error test connect success test insert...

Backup (from command line)/Restore OpenFiler

Backup Openfiler When I need a Openfiler backup for the first time, I did this: 1. Log in OpenFiler Web UI 2. Click System 3. Click Backup/Restore 4. Click Download This works well if you have time to do this steps every day… but if you don’t want to...

Power on/off script for Xen Running VMs on XenServer

Days ago I needed a script to power on/off my runing VMs on XenServer… In my case I needed this to power off VMs when my UPS is running on batery and later to power on when the power comes back. I was looking for a script that can...

Auto complete for already used command line commands?

To use auto-complete of already used command line command we just need to edit the following lines: