Connectify Hotspot 2015

Connectify Hotspot 2015

I was on vacation in Germany and as usually I carried my laptop, smartphone, iPad and other “Wi-Fi devices” with me…

When we arrived in hotel I asked for Wi-Fi access. They asked me for how many devices and I said that for 6 devices. After a while I received 6 tickets with 6 username/password… all different. I went to my room where I started connecting all devices to the hotel WiFi…

My phone and laptop connected without any problems, my wife phone couldn’t connect at all… in that moment I decided to check if is possible to share laptop internet with other devices and I found this simple, but powerful application… Connectify Hotspot … I instaled it, run it and in a few simple steps I configured it…


After that, I connected all my devices to Wolfy-AP and everything works without problems. And the best thing off all… when I moved to the next hotel I asked only 1 ticket for WiFi, connected my laptop on hotel WiFi and without any other configuration all my other devices had internet connection, because they were already connected to my Wolfy-AP!


I could write all features that comes with this great app, but I think that if you find that app useful, you will go on there homepage and get all information there…

I bought  Hotspot MAX version, witch have all features, but they have other version…


The free version is good enough for travelers, but when you see how many problems go away with this app, you will probably decided to buy a licence just for support the developers even if you don’t need any other features :)

For aditional info go to

Do you already use connectify hotspot? Share your opinion with a comment :)

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