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Bandwidth usage report per IP address

I created a simple python script for collecting data from mikrotik accounting (documetation) feature. Here is my “” script: all you need to change is router_ip variable to match your router IP after that you can run this script simply with this command: python this will collect data from...

Check log files with grep

I sometime need to check some logs and I do this with this command: egrep -o "p1|p2|...|pn" filename | sort | uniq -c Example: egrep -o "success|error|fail" test_file | sort | uniq -c Sample input: test started at 00:00 test delete fail test error test connect success test insert...

Backup (from command line)/Restore OpenFiler

Backup Openfiler When I need a Openfiler backup for the first time, I did this: 1. Log in OpenFiler Web UI 2. Click System 3. Click Backup/Restore 4. Click Download This works well if you have time to do this steps every day… but if you don’t want to...

Auto complete for already used command line commands?

To use auto-complete of already used command line command we just need to edit the following lines: