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Bandwidth usage report per IP address

I created a simple python script for collecting data from mikrotik accounting (documetation) feature. Here is my “” script: all you need to change is router_ip variable to match your router IP after that you can run this script simply with this command: python this will collect data from...

gmail configuration for Mikrotik router OS mail

Usually I would say something about the tool that I talk about, but this time a quote from (link) will do the job: E-mail tool is the utility that allows to send e-mails from the router. Tool can be used to send regular configuration backups and exports to...

Step by Step: How to configure a PPTP VPN Client on Mikrotik RouterOS

Intro Last time I wrote how to configure a PPTP VPN Server on Mikrotik RouterOS Today I will show you how to configure a PPTP VPN Client on Mikrotik RouterOS. Before we start I will try to explain what I want to do… My home network: - Private...

Auto complete for already used command line commands?

To use auto-complete of already used command line command we just need to edit the following lines: